Know Thy Practice Act!

Just like physicians, physical therapists all must follow their individual state practice act. If you have ever worked in a grocery store, you will understand what I’m about to say next. There are about as many differences in practice acts as there are types of lettuce for customers to purchase!

The idiosyncrasies of each individual state practice act can be overwhelming. For example, in Missouri where I practice, a physical therapist can only delegate care to a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), a PT student, or a PTA student (the student must be at the site doing a clinical affiliation, they can’t be a student working as an employee at the site). However, many states have much less restrictive delegation rules.

Another hot button item is physical therapists performing a treatment called Dry Needling. Missouri has no formal opinion on whether or not a PT can specifically do Dry Needling. Some state practice acts are very restrictive and some states even have placed a ban on a PT performing a Dry Needling treatment.

As a busy attorney you simply don’t have the time or background to understand each individual PT state practice act. However, the success of your case just may hinge on your ability to understand the practice act.

When you need a physical therapy expert to dissect the PT state practice act of your client, reach out to PT Expert Witness Edge at (636)578-3649. We are here for you!