Physical Therapy Expert Witness Services

Providing clients the highest quality service possible.

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 Meet the Expert Witness:

Dr. Michael Gorman is an expert clinician, educator, and former clinic owner.  Dr. Gorman is regarded as an expert in the field of Physical Therapy with extensive knowledge on current best practices, insurance reimbursement, business regulations, and clinician management.

As an expert witness, Dr. Gorman provides consultative services for legal firms, insurance companies, and Physical Therapy clinics. 

Contact Dr. Gorman for a rate sheet.

Expert Witness Services

  • Medical Record Review

  • File and Case Review

  • Phone Consultation

  • Deposition Testimony

  • Court Testimony


Advanced deposit is required for deposition testimony.

A two-hour minimum is charged for deposition testimony. Any additional time must be paid at the end of the deposition. Any portion of an hour over the two-hour minimum will be billed at 30 minute increments. Fee includes the time necessary to read and sign the deposition testimony.

Contact Dr. Gorman for Rate Sheet:

− File review
− Deposition appearance and In Court Testimony
− Hourly rate for travel time from portal to portal

Court Apperance

An advanced deposit is required for In Court Testimony.

A four-hour minimum is charged for In Court Testimony. Any additional time must be paid within 30 days of court appearance. Actual court appearance is billed hourly.

Deadlines and Notifications

Please keep expert witness posted of deadlines, especially Discovery deadlines. I make every effort to accommodate your schedule and request (when possible). A one month notification of upcoming dates is greatly appreciated.

Fees and expenses may be billed monthly, or as time and expenses accrue, whichever method is agreed upon at the initiation of this professional relationship.

Payment is due from the client within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice. Billing on an ongoing file will be made every 30 days. PT Expert Witness Edge, LLC reserves the right to charge a late fee of 1 ½ % per month, or a fraction thereof, on all invoices not paid within thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice. The client shall pay any and all collection costs plus appellate fees incurred by PT Expert Witness Edge, LLC in connection with the collection of this account.


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PT Expert Witness Edge works with legal firms around the country and provides clients with the highest quality service possible.